Solutions and products

Pans, grill plates, baking pans and kitchen accessories featuring PTFE-based non-stick coatings, food compliant.

Hobs and grills made in stainless steel, glass-ceramics, aluminum, featuring transparent ceramic coatings preventing dirt deposition, temperature yellowing, chemical corrosion, and making them easy to clean.

Gas burners with nanostructured ceramic coatings resistant to high temperatures and flame, giving longer life and making cleaning easier. The availability in different colors allows pleasant combinations with other kitchen accessories.

Components of small household appliances: electrical heaters and boilers, thermoblocks, plates and tools exposed to high temperatures. Ceramic coatings gives non-stick properties and barrier-effect between the metal and the contact substances; these coatings are FOOD COMPLIANT.
The robustness of the coverings guarantees resistance to the conditions of use for appliances, ovens, hobs. The no-sticking property significantly reduces limescale layers deposition in case of contact with hot water.

Pans, kitchen accessories, plates and utensils with PTFE-based non-stick coatings

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