SIVE is a small enterprise founded in 1976; since over 40 years SIVE is specialized in surface treatments on metals and plastics, with a diversified panel of applications, performing specific innovative solutions for customers’ products improvement.

Aimed to analyze markets needs and to promptly assess their evolution, SIVE has grown exponentially over the years thanks to continuous investments in equipments, R&D and staff training, up to expand and establish itself in the electronics, automotive and home appliances markets. In 2008 SIVE began the approach to "smart coatings": new sol-gel materials for nanoceramic coatings.

We want to be your reference point.

Our mission is to consolidate SIVE presence in the sectors where we operate, affirming over time the role of expert and reliable finishing supplier. In parallel there is a continuous research for new technologies and market horizons where to exploit our know-how. Company growth is oriented to full customer satisfaction with a clear view of sustainable development, setting-up production processes that respect environment and preserve natural resources. The ethical values which SIVE recognizes and shares are expressed in the SIVE’s ethical rule.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.