Our corporate philosophy is to offer to the customers innovative solutions that assemble technologies, both new and traditional, from different industries, to maximize the functionality of the finished product. The greatest successes of our company have been those in which an established process has been revolutionized by a simple idea, or those in which two traditional processes have been grafted in one production cycle.
The beginning of our business dates back to 1976 when, associating the electrophoresis process to that of chromatation, we developed a successful coating  for the case of hard disks that is still a point of reference for the international market.Twenty years later, S.I.V.E. enters the market of non stick coating for food  with another winning idea: deep drawn metal plates after coating. In the same year we started the line for the automatic coating of the rollers used to drag the paper into printing machines, and the success of this product comes from the implementation of two new ideas: the film is molded in plastic and then coated with  polymer resin with additivated an inorganic component. In 2002, the know-how acquired in the auto industry has been finalized for the development of a catalytic filter to reduce fumes and odors in small kitchen appliances. Since 2009, the company has been applying  nanostructured coatings based on sol-gel technology, whose physical and aesthetic properties can be customized on request. In 2010 we developed a PE-CVD process, which gives a greater surface hardness for particulars aluminates, protecting them from scratches.