The quality policy
  • Focus on the complete satisfaction of the needs and the expectations of the customers and the markets
  • Conformity of the products and the services to the customer requirements and the applicable rules/laws
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and the efficiency of processes
  • Need to adapt and to learn quickly: new technologies and new products are increasingly difficult to apply
  • Flexibility of the organization at all levels
  • Continuous care of the whole staff to the work done and to the results in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  • A sense of belonging, responsibility and awareness of its role in the organization
  • High quality manufacture
  • Minimum defects occurrence
  • Reduction of non-quality costs
  • Expansion and strengthening of company culture
The company has the certification of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. with the file number E148872
The company is certified ISO 9001 since 1998
The company is certified ISO 14001 since 2007