The general management of SIVE S.p.A. considers the respect of all natural resources and environmental protection the key elements of sustainable development, on which the implementation of its Environmental Management System is based.
The environmental mission of the Cirič plant consists in the following commitments:
  • to ensure full compliance with the environmental legislation and the voluntary commitments subscribed, considering them the starting point for initiating an action of continuous improvement;
  • extra caution to guarantee compliance with the adopted Environmental Policy;
  • to establish, to document, to implement, to activate and to improve continually an Environmental Management System, to monitor its environmental performances, with particular attention to production and optimization of the recovery/recycling of waste, atmosphere emissions and water releases;
  • to promote the protection of the environment as a priority, with activity of awareness and training, involving all the employees, not only to involve them in the mission, but to make them active players as well;
  • to involve our customers and suppliers, arising their awareness towards the pursuit of fair environmental behaviour in accordance with applicable law;
  • to test the new products, processes and activities in order to evaluate the possible reduction of environmental impacts resulting from them, also through the research and the experimentation of new technologies, and to produce solutions that minimize consumption of resources and energy during the operation;
  • to develop environmental programs appropriate to the type and size of the work to ensure continuity and progress of the company;
  • to set targets to improve in a dynamic and continuous way the environmental performances, targets to be regularly reviewed according to the results; to find all necessary resources to achieve them.